Please read!

Posted by Olivia on September 25,2013

Hello everybody! I miss my sites and updating and stuff. But.. honestly? I have more important things that need to get done. I\'m usually talking to my boyfriend, doing my school work, watching my shows, doing my nails, doing my makeup, just having a normal life I guess. In a couple months, I am also going to be going to cosmetology school! Yay! I am so excited for that.

So in other words, I will update when I can and have the time and want to. You can still contact me, I am still doing my hosting site, I\'m just taking a little break from updating. I will update when I feel like it though! :) I\'m not quitting.. but this is just something I do for fun.



Good news!

Posted by Olivia on August 31,2013

Hello everybody! How are you? I have fantastic news. I just moved Pixelstars over onto my hosting and in my name! I also renewed it for another year, yay! I renewed my other site scenecult as well.

I will have some updates soon! c: My boyfriend sadly has left for college in California. So, we are long distance again. He will be back soon though for my birthday in November, the holiday time, and hopefully he can get transferred over here to Michigan for college. If things go good, he will be able to. So, I am really hoping for that. I miss him a lot.

But, let me know what you want me to update! :)