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You can find a bunch of cool junk here. Graphics, Resources, Tutorials, and basically whatever I feel like putting on here. I have a few little pieces of the internet and it's pretty wonderful. I hope you all enjoy the stuff I put up and comment if you use/like something. It is greatly appreciated. :) Love you!




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Posted by Olivia on November 07,2014

Hello everybody! How are all of you beautiful people!? So, Pixelstars is semi-back! I have reopened all of my sites. New content is up and coming. Better things, honestly. I was missing all of my sites. I only have five sites now! It's crazy! I just felt I kept paying for them and was attached and I did not just want them to sit here and get old. So, here I am! I got this new layout that I adore. It is just a premade from fallenhalo. But it is super cute! So yeah.. look for awesome goodies! :)


It's coming!

Uhm.. where have I been?!

Posted by Olivia on July 23,2014

So, first and foremost, this post is going to be on all my sites. Just as a little update. I dont have as many sites now.. yeah.. that happened, haha. I am only keeping the ones I really want and renewing the ones I really want. I also still have my hosting site and it looks mighty fine if I do say so myself.

My current focus right now is my beauty channel on YouTube. Because, that is really what I want to do. I want that to get big and successful. So, I am hopeful! Makeup and Nail Art is my first love when it comes to hobbies.

So much has changed with me. Like, I am seriously a different person lol! So, I am just going to basically start over from scratch! No more picking where I left off. Because I am different now.

I still like doing all this stuff. However, what kind of things I like doing has changed. I am really into making vectors and illustrations now. I have a love for Illustrator now. So... We will just see where this goes :)


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